Welcome to the Iteris ClearAg® APIs

The Iteris ClearAg® APIs open our deep, dynamic repository of weather data to your users. This documentation describes all you need to know to link your application to our state-of-the-art weather data using the Iteris APIs. Using these APIs, you can write applications that offer your users a wide array of weather data available across the US and abroad at fine spatial and temporal scales, including current weather conditions, forecasts, and historical weather data.

Field Weather API

Leveraging our in-house staff of meteorologists, our ensemble of weather models, and vast collection of sensor data, we can provide field-specific weather data. This data includes precipitation, hail, frost, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and more.

Map Overlay API

Using the same state-of-the-art scientific and computing technologies as our Field Weather API, we generate map overlays of observed and forecast radar imagery, temperature, humidity, wind speeds, and more.

Crop Health API

The Iteris Crop Health API provides users with valuable information pertaining to crop growth stages, potential levels of damage wrought by crop-specific pests, and recommended courses of action on a crop-by-crop basis.

Soil Conditions API

The Iteris Soil Conditions API provides users with soil moisture and temperature data at varying depths as estimated by a number of soil condition computer models.

Account API

Iteris Accounts API provide users with an interface for integrating our crop, pest, and weather alerts system. Users can provide feedback to improve results over time by utilizing the appropriate endpoints within the Crop Health API. For more information, please review documentation for the Crop Health API.

ClearAg Components

The ClearAg Conmponents provide users with embedable views of various data elements.