Welcome to the Iteris ClearAg® APIs

The Iteris ClearAg® APIs provide a deep, dynamic source of weather, crop, and soil data to assist agricultural professionals in achieving their goals. Select any of the icons below to access documentation specific to these APIs.

Field Weather API

Leveraging our in-house staff of meteorologists, our ensemble of weather models, and vast collection of sensor data, this API offers field-specific weather data. Many types of data are available, such as precipitation, hail, frost, wind speed, wind direction, temperature, and more.

Map Overlay API

Using the same state-of-the-art scientific and computing technologies as our Field Weather API, this API generates map overlays of observed and forecast radar imagery, temperature, humidity, wind speeds, and more.

Crop Health API

This API combines crop growth, drydown, and nutrient models, applied in conjunction with Iteris’ own state-of-the-art weather and soil models, to provide users with agronomic advisory information including crop growth stage tracking and forecasting, pest and disease pressures, nutrient needs, and in-field and on-farm grain drying timelines and costs for a host of different crops.

Soil Conditions API

Utilizing our proprietary land surface models that have been specially adapted to the unique needs of the agricultural community, the Iteris Soil Conditions API delivers actionable intelligence about soil moisture and temperature at multiple depths, as well as an hourly field accessibility prediction service—a decision aid for determining when conditions will be favorable for field activity.

Account API

This API allows API integrators to create and utilize users, fields, and growths within the ClearAg family of APIs. In addition, it offers several services for providing information about fields and growths that in return provide even greater accuracy and value for users.

ClearAg Components

The ClearAg Components are pre-built widgets that can be integrated into the given user’s environment. Each available component is a visual representation of information powered by one of Iteris’ many API services.